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CTAS Live - Products

There are several Products which combine to provide you with the Live Streaming service.

Live Timing - Facility where we connect our computer to your timing equipment, and this data is then streamed to the internet using our servers.

Live Audio Streaming - We pick up audio feeds at your event, and stream them on the internet. This can be as simple as a single microphone broadcasting event sound, or multiple feeds including Commentators, Vehicle noise, music or anything else you would like, to enhance the experience online watchers will get.

Live Video Streaming - Using our cameras, we operate, record and stream the video you would like sent to the internet. This streaming is in widescreen, and at a size that you would like, based on the type of sport, and your knowledge of the viewing audience.

Live Chat - A feature for your viewers to chat with each other while they are watching your event. This helps viewers who aren't able to be there, to further enjoy the event by commenting and chatting with other viewers. This chat is monitored, and inappropriate use will be removed.

Event Schedule - We provide an online view of your schedule, so that viewers can look at the times of particular classes or parts of your event. This can basically simulate a program of events or simply be a time schedule of the days events.

TXT Support - allows viewers experiencing trouble, to be able to contact us, and get assistance.

Company Logo space for advertising. Although this service is provided without ad breaks, we can provide you with space for paying advertisers logos, or your promoters logos, to help cover the costs. The advertising is extremely good value, as viewers are focussed on the industry, and are watching the screen for long periods of time. So they can't avoid seeing the company logos.

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